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One of the UK’s leading providers of Security Products


Our Products:

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Card Readers & Keypads

125KHz EM, MIfare and Desfire Options

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Door Controllers

Standalone and Computer Linked

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Access Control Software

Plus Add-on Modules

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Guard Tour - Traditional

Fixed Cost

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Guard Tour - Real Time

Monthly Fees Apply

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Body Worn CCTV

Including storage solutions

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Our Services:

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30 years plus experience,



Free UK telephone support

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Free UK training


Remote Support

Remote PC support

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UK based repair centre


Card Bureau

Cost effective ID cards


About Us:


Here at Reader Options Ltd, we are committed to providing solutions that are not only designed to give you the protection and control you require, but also the comprehensive level of reporting and flexibility needed in today’s ever-changing environment.

So whether you need to supply Health and Safety information, to monitor staff and provide ‘proof of presence’ reporting, control access through your premises, provide reports of who had keys and when, or simply record an incident or event, our various ranges of technologies ensure our systems can be installed in almost any location with minimal disruption.

Our dedicated team of professionals is here to help discuss your exact requirements and ensure that the most cost-effective solution is provided. We offer consultancy, training and commissioning, and for that extra peace of mind we provide free telephone support and remote support services on all of the products that we supply. Plus, all equipment is supplied with a two-year warranty.

From design and commissioning to expert training and technical support, Reader Options Ltd will deliver the robust and reliable solutions you desire.
Call us on 0800 817 4259 and one of our team will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and advise you on the most suitable options available to you.


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Why Choose Us:


  • 15 years experience providing security solutions
  • Free UK based technical support
  • Two year warranty on all products
  • UK based repair and maintenance facility
  • We only sell our products via NSI and SSAIB approved Companies.
  • We do not sell our products via distribution
  • All equipment manufactured to ISO9001 standards

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Companies who trust our products:

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Our Brands

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