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TimePilot Tap+. Our newest product is a small, light, battery-powered timeclock that fits in a pocket or can be mounted anywhere. Employees just tap their iButtons to the clock to clock in and out. The unit’s rechargeable battery lasts as long as a year on a single charge. To move the clock-in and clock-out data to the TimePilot software on your PC, just plug in the included USB cable. An alternate way of using the product is to keep the clock on your desk, cabled to to your computer. By doing so, all clock-ins and clock-outs are instantly sent to the TimePilot software.

TimePilot Vetro. TimePilot Vetro is designed to replace old-fashioned, inaccurate punch clocks. This state-of-the-art, wall-mounted timeclock can be used with or without a local area network and uses the same iButtons as other TimePilot systems. When not being used, the clock displays the time and date on its sleek black touchscreen. The 16-key keypad illuminates when it’s touched by an employee.

TimePilot Extreme. Our weatherproof system is designed for outdoor use, although it can be used inside, too. It commonly would be used at construction sites, where the clock is exposed to the elements. The clock is locked down to prevent theft, but can be moved easily to another site when necessary.